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100% cotton twill fabric
50 cm*50 cm =(20 inch *20 inch)
50 cm*150 cm= (20 inch*60 inch)


Bottle size is approximately 1 × 4 cm size

Green bowl diameter of about 6 cm size

White bird measuring about 6 × 8 cm size

You like making clothes for your doll but buy fabrics is a problem ?
1 yard or 2 yard is too many to make a little dress for doll,and you want different fabrics don't want always use the same one so you have so many fabrics that you actually don't need ?
50 cm *50 cm usually is enough for making doll dress or clothes,cost the same money you can choose many different one now ~

[Sweetiiger studio] chosen many fabrics that is very suitable for doll clothes,they with tiny Pattern which thin and with great quality.

rainbow lace 50 *50 cm Relief Jacquard Flowers doll clothes fabric


  • 1.The doll is not for sale.
    2.The color in the picture could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.
    3.All clothes are hand made.But all handmade there may be slight imperfections, such as the stitch, if you are very perfectionist Please carefully consider.

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