Dimensional cutting can pin Doll mannequin 
Easier to make clothes for your Angels!
By dimensional cut clothes will more fitting!
The models body made with new soft Silica gel material,
All wrapped in knitted fabrics
Easily pin,Very useful
Artist carved snow base : sweetiiger body size white base;original Takara body size transparent base.

material :resin: wood; Fixed rod: stainless steel;
Analog doll body:soft Silica gel(acupuncture treatment can make three-dimensional cut)

Sweetiiger girl body available for 3 skin colors:
white/normal http://www.sweetiiger.com/blank-l62lg/cc8429c5-08ea-dc0a-4abf-949b512a84ee
light tan http://www.sweetiiger.com/blank-l62lg/2c832a31-934d-64b1-d294-0f4b4e29cfd3
dark tan http://www.sweetiiger.com/blank-l62lg/30431c58-4b17-95ae-f96c-dd9538a46b6e

Blythe Doll mannequins can pin Dimensional cutting 2 size available

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