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Dimensional cutting can pin height adjustable Doll mannequin 
Easier to make clothes for your Angels!
By dimensional cut clothes will more fitting!
The models body of SD17/SD13/SD10/MSD/YOSD produced with Polystyrene ,
The models body of New sizes SD16/SDgr made with new soft Silica gel material,
All wrapped in knitted fabrics
easily pin,height adjustable
Very useful
price is for one of them,please let us know which one is you want after payment.
Produced by professional mannequin company,
the general quality of the same general size mannequin

Production :delivery within 20 days
material :Base: wood; Fixed rod: stainless steel;
Analog doll body:high-density polystyrene /soft Silica gel-NEW size SD16 & SDgr(acupuncture treatment can make three-dimensional cut)

BJD Doll mannequins can pin on YoSD/MSD/SD10/SD13/SDgr/SD16/SD17

  • Size:made as VOLKS doll

    The following height does not include bracket and wooden lid    

    1/3 Male :

    (SD17) Bust 27.5cm, Waist 20.5cm, Hip 27 cm, height 28 cm
    (SD13) Bust 25, Waist 20.5cm, Hip 26, height 24 cm 
    1/3 Female :

    (SD10) Bust 24.5 cm, Waist 20 cm, Hip 25.5 cm, height 23 cm
    new(SD16) Bust 24.5 cm, Waist 16.5 cm, Hip 25 cm, height 24 cm
    new (SDgr) Bust 22.5 cm, Waist 17cm, Hip 24.5 cm, height 23 cm
    1/4 Female :

    (MSD) Bust 18 cm, Waist 14.5 cm, Hip 18 cm, height 21 cm
    1/6( YOSD) Bust 13.5 cm, Waist 12.5 cm, Hip 16 cm, height 11.5 cm

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