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Item:1 little wig cap
You can use it make a wig or use it under doll wig to hold the wig more stable.
Make doll wig need this little Stretch cap and the material that we are selling you just need sew them together and make the shape of it.(you can take one of doll wig you bought as a example.)

This little cap is made of Lycra Fabric.
We make cap this color is for in order to avoid color transfer to the doll's head, but if you are making dark wig may be easier to expose this stretch cap, you can letyour doll wear one of this and use the wig similar color elastic stretch fabric to make cap.

The doll wig Stretch cap you can make yourself very easy or buy from us.We have the cap for 1/3 1/4 1/6 dolls and the stretch cup material(skin/black).You can use them make special size cap.

Hope you can use them create the most suitable hair style for your doll !

Happy DIY !
shipping: to worldwide with tracking number

6-7" 7-8" 8-9" 9-10" bjd doll wig Stretch cap

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